Wellness starts with relationships.


We bring a new approach to health care - starting with strong relationships, a focus on wellness and deep involvement of citizens.  Our goal is universal, accessible and sustainable health care for generations to come.  



Health Care for citizens

There are 132,000 people without a family doctor in Vancouver, and 30,000 of us are looking but can't find one.


Our model connects people with a family doctor and an expanded team that includes nurses, pharmacist and other clinicians.  


You can access care more conveniently for treatment, and get ongoing support for prevention.


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Health Care for Clinicians

We can make it easier to provide the best care for patients. Teamwork helps to improve care, satisfaction and balance.


Our model engages clinicians working optimally, and supports them to focus on what's important: providing whole-person, patient-centred care


We integrate technology and clinical supports to ensure our patients get timely care and clinicians have the tools and information they need.

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